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Photo Credits, Links & Policy

Some of the digital images used on this site are the work of others not connected to ipswichdigs.

We have been permitted to use these images under what is termed Creative Commons Licences, abbreviated as CCL.

The name of the owner of the digital image and the website on which it can be found are detailed below each image.

Clicking an image will take you to the original content.

Any changes to the original image have not been approved or viewed by the original image owner and is the work of ipswichdigs.

It is the policy of ipswichdigs to give attribution and provide links to all third party images used under CCL within our website. We do this with thanks and great appreciation for the hard work that has gone in to the production of these high quality images.


CCL Steve Arnold on Flickr
CCL Lifeforstock on Freepik
CCL Yeskay1211 on Pixabay
CCL Senivpetro on Freepik
CCL Freepik on Freepick
CCL Onlyyouqj on Freepick
CCL Freepik on Freepik
CCL Freepik on Freepik
CCL Freepik on Freepik
CCL Łukasz Popardowski on Freepik
CCL NorWood Themes on Unsplash
CCL Direct Media on
CCL Creativeart on Freepik
CCL Karlyukav on Freepik
CCL Freepik on Freepik
CCL Direct Media on
CCL master1305 on Freepik
CCL pch.vector on Freepik
Xavier Jover Segura on Google
CCL - Not Identified
Published 01 June 2021
Reviewed 10 December 2021
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