Accommodation Accessibility LAE v1.0

Accommodation Accessibility Statement and Conditions

ipswichdigs has a legal duty of care to ensure that all accommodation and rooms it offers are safe for all guests including those with full physical and mental abilities and those that may have some kind of reduced/impaired physical or mental capabilities.
If you have reduced physical or mental abilities and you or your carer/assistant having read this Accessibility Statement  believe that the facilities we have to offer are suitable and safe for a stay with us then please making a booking and we will do our best to look after you during your stay.
It is not physically possible to manoeuvre a wheelchair around our premises. The reason for this is that the entrance door is very narrow and leads directly into a narrow lobby area with a ninety degree turn to the right through a narrow archway into the dining/lounge area.
To the right of the archway is the dining area which is very small and contains a small table for two and two seats. There is not enough room in the dining area to move a wheelchair around at all.
The back of a two seater setae extends into the dining area. This is the only way it could be fitted in to the lounge area.
To the left of the archway is the lounge which is accessed by a step at the archway. There is also a very restricted space for access/egress between the two seater setae and the archway wall at the step. Turning a wheelchair left in to the lounge through the archway would be physically impossible. Even if it were possible the ramp required in the lounge would sit completely in front of the second two seater setae.
There is a step from the lounge area in to the kitchen through a doorway. Immediately in front of the doorway in the kitchen are the kitchen units. There is no space to install a ramp here without removing units etc which will make the kitchen dysfunctional.
There is a slight change in level between the kitchen and the back door lobby which leads to the downstairs bathroom. The doorway from the kitchen to the bathroom are offset and a wheel chair could not make the ninety degree turn to the right from the kitchen into the back door lobby area then make another immediate ninety degree turn to the left in to the bathroom.
All bedrooms are upstairs and moving a bedroom downstairs is not possible due to the layout of the house.
For all of the reasons above we are unable to accommodate a wheelchair user.
If you are not a wheelchair user but have other physical or mental disabilities then please weigh up all of the above in addition to the following before making a booking.
ipswichdigs currently operates from a single property that was built around 1920. It is constructed with a very steep stairwell with uneven tread sizes and turns with a fully functioning door at the second step of the stairs. In effect an individual with full capabilities must take extra care when moving up or down the stairs. Handrails have been added to the stairwell. It will be very difficult for anyone without 100% physical or mental capabilities to use this stair well in a safe manner. Although this will depend on the individual and their own assessment of their abilities and requirements. It would be possible for a person with reduced physical or mental abilities to use the stairwell on all fours on the way up or sliding down on their backside on the way down. Although we would not really see this as appropriate of sufficiently safe or reasonable access and egress arrangements.
Also you should also bear in mind that as all bedrooms are upstairs and the toilet/bathroom is downstairs this situation would be far from ideal. Night time visits from an upstairs bedroom to the facilities downstairs would be onerous at best and not safe at worst.
If after reading this Accessibility Statement you would still like to book a stay with us please inform us of any special requests you have by e-mail when you make the booking. We will do our best to accommodate you and make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Published 01 June 2021
Reviewed 10 December 2021
Next Review 01 January 2023